Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Prompt Printery supplies thermal printer ribbons for the most popular printers on the market today. From rolls to cartridges in all current available sizes, we match the ribbon to your application.

From wax to resin, we advise and offer the perfect formulation for your application. If you’re not sure, we are always happy to chat things through and if you need the right type of label we can match those up for you as well.

Wax Ribbons: These ribbons are resin enhanced to increase scratch and smudge resistance, increase durability and provide deep, dark barcodes, text and graphics. These are the most economic and most widely used ribbons.

Wax/Resin Ribbons: Withstands multiple scans, outdoor elements, rough handling and is scratch and smudge resistant. Suitable for use on paper and on synthetic substrates.

Resin Ribbons: Maximum durability for harsh environment labeling. Highest level of resistance to abrasion, heat, steam and various chemicals. Prints exceptionally well on high end films including polyester, vinyl and polyamide.

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