Memo Pads & Sticky Notes

Every business today considers some type of promotional product. One of the least expensive promotional products often overlooked by businesses today is Memo Pads. They are beside practically every business phone and on every desk making them a natural way to create brand awareness of your business.

Memo pads with your business name, logo & contact information are a friendly “gift” to provide to every customer or vendor. The best promotional items to be passed out at events are the ones that will be used repeatedly, like printed Memo Pads. We can design, print, cut, and pad high-quality memo and notepads for you.

At Prompt Printery, we make Memo Pad printing easy and painless with our experience and fast turnaround times so your notepads can be ready for distribution as soon as possible.

Whether you want to write down ideas, quick lists, reminders, or phone numbers, Sticky Notes provides an efficient and intuitive graphic interface to do so.

Sticky Notes will help you keep your thoughts organized and always accessible on your Kindle!