The Lamination process applies a clear plastic film to printed pieces. The clear film can be glossy or matte. Printed pieces are laminated to protect them from stains, smudges, moisture, grease, tears and anything else that might shorten their useful life. In addition to protection, print lamination adds strength and rigidity.

Printing that is handled frequently is often laminated, such as restaurant and bar menus, price lists, maps, educational materials, bookmarks, membership cards, etc. Lamination is also recommended for printed pieces used in dirty or damp environments such as machinery warnings and operating instructions, safety and emergency signage, factory rules, reusable tags, etc.

There are numerous uses for Laminated Printing. Some of the more popular uses include...

  • Restaurant and Bar Menus
  • Book Covers and Pages
  • Binder Tab Sets
  • Flip Charts
  • Bookmarks
  • Business Cards
  • Counter, Tabletop and POS Displays
  • Educational and Training Materials
  • Maintenance Procedures and Checklists
  • Maps, Charts and Diagrams