Hang Tags

What will make your merchandise more attractive to shoppers—attractive enough to take a second look at the garment?

Many high-end manufacturers and retailers utilize high quality, printed hang tags on apparel to entice shoppers to take a second look. These hang tags can add to the impression of quality and style and often can subliminally influence the buying decision. Hang tags reinforce the brand with a subtle message of quality and often enhance the merchandise, as the increase in use has shown.

Hang tags are printed to serve a function, to enhance the product you are selling and to help strengthen your brand. Using hang tags on clothing or other products allows you to display information such as price, style and category for your items as well as your company logo and slogan for further branding.

Hang tags attached to clothing are powerful branding tools for designers and clothing manufacturers. Use the front side for the images and logo of your company and the backside for printing product descriptions. Bold, bright images and compelling text with a unique logo of your company will be sure to make your product stand out.